The cloud-based platform that lets you create and manage your digital content creation studio for animation, video games, and VFX studios. You will be able to grow easily and reduce your costs.


Reducing costs

Control your production costs, paying only for the equipment you need at any time.

Time saving

Manage your systems and workstations in just a few minutes.


Increase or reduce easily the number of equipments during the most necessary periods.

Project management

Organize your tasks and projects and get the best experience of using the most demanding graphic applications.


Flexibility and efficiency


Boost creativity

High performances

The NVIDIA GRID Technology leverages the capacity of the best graphic processors of NVIDIA® TESLA® M60

Don’t change your way of working

Simple Cloud allows you to continue using the software and any proprietary tool you have been using with multiple screens and at maximum speed.

All your programs, all your plugins

Our platform supports all commercial software to which you are used to and even the own applications developed by each study.


Work from anywhere whether you are at home, in the studio or while you’re traveling. Wherever you want with whomever you want and increasing the results.

Secure storage

Your data will always be guaranteed (back-up) and accesible with the capacity you need and when you need them.

The best render service

Access to render nodes with the capacity you need and for the time you need them with a total control of the render queue.

Studio management

No need high technical skills to create and manage the infrastructure of your company.

Hybrid studio

Make the most of your local infrastructure and take advantage of the cloud with Simple only when you need it.


Secure and reliable environment

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