13 Apr 2020

During the COVID-19 crisis, companies around the world have had a shift in company paradigm and culture, needing to adapt to new challenges quickly and as efficiently as possible. As a response to this shift, SimpleCloud is a leader in the transformation in animation, video games, advertising and special effects industries, as well as AECM (Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Manufacturing), Education and much more.

SimpleCloud is a global cloud-based platform for digital content creation and management, and a seamless extension to the company’s own way of working. The usage of virtual desk solutions, with unlimited graphic capacity in the cloud, allows users to connect to powerful virtual desktops from anywhere. SimpleCloud users can enable their business to thrive through the use of any type of equipment, whilst maintaining their way of work via their applications, tools, software, hardware or equivalent and collaborate in projects as if they were in the same office.

SimpleCloud takes advantage of the fully secure infrastructure exclusively provided by IBM public cloud.  With  a global network of more than 60 cloud data centers across 19 countries and 18 availability zones across 6 IBM Cloud regions it helps to meet performance and deployment requirements and provides high computing power, low latency and secure data centers for an entire project or for just the time required by any company.

“SimpleCloud’s solution is relevant for all types of industries and projects at a time when demand for high performance remote collaboration is growing.” says Sebastian Krause, General Manager, IBM Cloud and Cognitive Software, Europe.

SimpleCloud also naturally has a massive application in the education of different scientific and artistic fields and has the ability to respond instantly to needs in the current context of crisis: “thanks to SimpleCloud we have been able to ensure continuity of our key classes in game design and art, despite the school being closed. The solution has been up and running in less than 48 hours with all the tools we needed” says Christophe Gomez (education and games), Director, Game Design Program of the famous ArtCenter University of Pasadena, CA.

Throughout its four verticals (Animation-VFX, Games, AECM and Education) SimpleCloud has been leveraging global cutting-edge technology partners such as IBM, VMware, nVIDIA and Microsoft, leading the latest advances in communications and virtualization technologies.

“We thought of SimpleCloud from the beginning as an easy, instant, flexible, collaborative and secure platform that fully respects and adjusts to the way of working and the real needs of content creators of all types around the world. But we also provide services for very simple and efficient collaborative workstations when requested for remote or on-site work”, says Olivier Wolff, CEO of SimpleCloud, a blue-chip FMCG and Media and Entertainment veteran.

SimpleCloud is the perfect ally, easily creating a 100% collaborative, remote, and virtualized environment. It offers high graphic capacity and unlimited storage for freelancers, small, medium, and large companies, who seek to optimize their IT infrastructure with the ability to scale up or down in a moment’s notice, fully controlling their cost for just how long they need it.

“In light of today’s situation, it is crucial for companies such as SimpleCloud, to drive a lightning fast transformation to a virtual environment” says Angel Bou, Partner at Inveready, Simple Cloud’s lead investor.

Research is key in finding a cure for COVID-19 and avoiding more people to be impacted and every contribution counts.

SimpleCloud.io is proud to leverage its computing infrastructure to help the Rosetta@home Project to accurately model important coronavirus proteins and help academic research groups worldwide.

Volunteers rally to Rosetta@Home to stop COVID-19